Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who can you trust? Who do you believe in?

Are the people around you Unreliable? He/she can be your friend, staff or boss.
With these tips, you will never look at people the same way again. 


Stay away from people who have the following characteristics:
  1. Continually touching his/her mouth unintentionally = liar. 
  2. When he/she smiles, his/her mouth becomes uneven = cannot keep promise.
  3. Sharp ear like Peter Pan = wicked hearted.
  4. Sharp pointed nose = calculative and immoral person.
  5. No eyebrow = Man is the only living thing that has eyebrows. If the person is without any eyebrow, he/she is clever but cunning.
  6. Exposed jaw bone underneath the ear = no sense of gratitude.
  7. Normally, people without pearl earlobes are ruthless people. They are unable to agree to you easily.
  8. Protruding bones above the eyebrows = very demanding of themselves and they are very strong opinionated. If the bones are too protruding, the person is very short tempered.
  9. Crooked nose = cunning and dishonest man.
  10. If lips are too thin, he/she loves to tell lie.
  11. Triangular eyes = want to take advantages from others. A lot of criminals have these eyes.
  12. When he/she talks, the movement of his/her hands is significant = short tempered.
  13. When he/she talks, he/she likes to hold his/her hands together and move about = cunning.
  14. Upper part of the body is longer than the bottom part = lazy.
  15. Eyebrows are too thick and too black = arrogant and short tempered.
  16. If the cheeks of your staff are very high, be careful. He/she will overrule you one day. Cheek represents will-power.
  17. Big mouth and cannot close firmly when he/she is not talking = liar.
  18. Small mouth with thin lips = irresponsible man.
  19. Bony face without much meat = immoral.
  20. When he/she talks, you can only see his/her teeth at the bottom = liar. A lot of politicians have this type of mouth.
  21. A lot of gaps in between the teeth = liar. Also, this type of people cannot save much money.
  22. He/she cannot see eye to eye with you when you talk to him/her = liar.
  23. Uneven teeth = liar.
*It may not be always right, it's just for your reference.

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